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We believe that online dating should be a tool to meet people, and therefore we value the opportunity for real connections that it can provide. Our app provides instant connections to meet quality people who share the same goal to meet people and create meaningful relationships. Furthermore, we value connections that last and our app is simply a middle ground to foster something more meaningful. Real connections happen in life, not over screens, and that is why the DoWeClick app has the power to connect people in the real world, in real time. We provide the solution to the emptiness of modern online dating apps with old gold values where people connect with each other on a human/personal level. We are weary of dating apps as much as you are, but we believe that this is the last app you will ever need to install on your phone or smart device! We make real connections that last. Our vision is to take the best of the online dating world and turn it into successful, real life stories for our users who share the same values as we do. We would love to hear how your stories began with our app and how they continue to grow in the real world.

Our focus is on meaningful connections. The process is easy:
1. Fill out a basic questionnaire and let others know who you are
2. Complete your profile with required pictures
3. Have social media proof (Facebook or LinkedIn) for authenticity
4. Connect for an interview with our representative

We are only looking for quality people who are ready to invest into dating and who are ready to find a meaningful relationship. We make sure that people on our site are real and authentic, and consequently you won’t have to waste your time.

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Why are we different?

Our focus is on relationships that have a meaningful connection. Our goal consists of you actually “deleting” our app as soon as possible. We sincerely want you to find the one person that you rightfully deserve. Sure, we might have a longer acceptance process, but we seek to filter out those who do not have the same intentions. We truly want to connect quality people with the same mindset and to ensure that meeting each other has a successful rate. We do not encourage long chats, but rather focus on face-to-face meetings in real life and thus create a meaningful connection. We use our app as a tool to connect you, not to disconnect you behind screens.

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No long chats without a specific purpose

Connect with real people in real life - don’t delay the “real” part of dating anymore!

On our app you will find like-minded people who are ready to find a meaningful relationship.
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